We live in an amazing and colorful world! We are surrounded by a kaleidoscope of shades and colors – a playful mosaic of lights and shadows is apparent in every image and phenomenon. Every day we dip into the colors of modern world and living pictures of the Nature. And it is a great happiness that we can see the world in color. Without it, our lives would be boring and dull.

We surround ourselves with things and objects of certain colors and shades, sometimes not even thinking why we choose them. However, color plays a significant role in each person's life. Each of us has their own associations or feelings connected with a particular color. Color preferences can tell us about the psychological state of people, their health, character and habits.

White – the color of light, purity, wisdom, clarity and perfection. If you want to emphasize your accuracy, decency, honesty and purity, dress in white. Use it to freshen up the interior of dark rooms. If you are having difficulty in choosing colors, use white. After all, it is a universal color as it combines spectral merging of all existing colors. In it lies the divine nature of creation of the world.

Green – the color of foliage, calmness and balance. It helps to relax and calms the nervous system. Being dressed in green, you signal about your friendliness and balance. Green interior can help with insomnia; it is suitable for emotionally unstable people. Use lighter shades of green for your bedroom or kitchen. Dark green and emerald green help focus your attention in the study. Green plants in your house add some comfort, harmony and tranquility.

Sky blue – the color of the sky, symbolizes wisdom and serenity. It suits all types of rooms meant for relaxation: bedrooms, living rooms, halls, bathrooms and nurseries. It will not suit studies and gyms, as it can distract you from achieving your goal. The sky blue color cools and soothes, so such interiors contribute to meditation, relaxation, and contemplation. Sky blue clothes say that you are a sensitive person with good imagination and, perhaps, naive.

Blue – the color of water, a symbol of loyalty and justice, creativity and sociability. It inspires respect. As for the interior, it is suitable for decoration of bathrooms (if combined with the items of warm scale) and studies. It creates a favorable environment for a steady, but not intense, mental work and reduces the feeling of fatigue. Blue clothes are chosen by serious, responsible and independent people inclined to contemplation and meditation.

Red – the color of fire, vitality, vivid emotions and passion. It evokes conflicting feelings of love and hatred, joy and anger. It is the most striking color. It is the color of brave, decisive and self-confident people, emotional and passionate. If you want to look sexy, bold and expressive, choose something red. The red color is recommended in those rooms where you lead an active life – the kitchen, living room, and hall.

Pink – the color of tenderness, romance and goodness. It enhances sensuality and contributes to dreaming. It suits any room well, especially a nursery for a little girl. It will also suit the bathroom, where pink color will symbolize the care and love of your body. Pink in your clothes simply makes others smile at you and be friendly to you. Soothing energy of this color helps to overcome stress and protects from wild mood swings.

Purple – the color of kindness and wisdom. It sharpens the senses and intuition, balances energy. It is also called the color of kings. It can be used for decoration of rooms, for relaxation and meditation. Being present in your clothing, it gives the impression of a wise, mysterious person. If you do not really like purple, then use it in areas where you do not stay long, like entrance hall or bathroom. But be careful with it: this color can cause depression, if used abundantly.

Orange – a symbol of optimism, creativity, freedom, friendliness and sociability. People in orange clothes look cheerful, youthful and happy. Use this color in rooms meant for communication: in the office, kitchen, study, and nursery. It is also believed that orange wallpapers in the kitchen stimulate the appetite, which is good for some people (having problems with their appetite) but not so good for other people (being on a diet). Also, it is believed that this color stimulates the brain activity.

Yellow – the color of the sun which stimulates energy, vitality, mental alertness, and restores the love of life. It is perfect for using in a study, office or living room, where people are engaged in brain work which requires a high self-organization, concentration and focus. Yellow clothes, as well as the orange ones, help to look young, fervent and active. Besides, yellow is the color of happiness and joy; it encourages new ideas and appreciation of different points of view.

Black – the symbol of the unknown and the mysterious, of style and elegance. If you want to emphasize your elegance and authority, dress in black. But do not wear this color too often, because your acquaintance can take you as a reserved personality, unwilling to communicate. It is best to combine black and white. It creates a positive and dynamic impression, evoking the association of day and night, light and darkness, yin and yang. In such a combination, the black color adds stability and balance.

Brown – the color of earth and wood; it is considered to be the color of common sense, as it helps to focus and feel your feet. This calm and sober color (conservative), which is associated with health and safety, contributes to the establishment of cooperation. It evokes a sense of balance and firmness, helps to create a calm, soft mood, stability of life. The color of the wood is appropriate in any room: living room, bedroom, nursery, bathroom, study, kitchen, or hall.

In clothing and interior, people mostly combine different colors or complement them by small details of shades other than the basic hue, as well as combine various shades of the same color. Be careful when you surround yourself with colors. Keep in mind that when choosing a particular color, you not only create a certain impression of yourself in the eyes of others, but also influence your own health.