Hello, my friend.

I started this project to find new friends and like-minded people. I believe that we are able to create and modify our own world – the world that surrounds us. Our mood, our health, the way other people treat us, and, in the end, the attitude to us of the world itself depend on the way we plan our each day.

My goal is to create useful high-quality products for everyday life and the tools for creativity. For you not only to use them conveniently in your household, but also to create with them the elements of your individual and unique style. Thus, one and the same product is able both to solve your everyday household tasks and serve as a tool for creative fun.

I hope you will enjoy my products. I believe they will be really useful to you and help you decorate your own world, make it fun and colorful. By creating something with your own hands, you import into it your mood, your energy, a part of yourself. Surrounding yourself with things of your own creation, you will then draw positive energy from them, which you have imported while creating them.

I have plenty of ideas, and if you subscribe to my newsletter you will be able to monitor their implementation. You can also take part in the process of creation by leaving your comments on social networks and blog. I really appreciate your feedback. I'll be extremely grateful for your comments on my products and their utilization. I am open to new information, interesting ideas, and I always listen to my friends’ advice. Subscribe to my newsletter, and let’s become friends!