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Liquid chalk markers Hotey are markers consisting of liquid chalk and two glass balls that mix Japanese ink while shaking. Colored chalk markers for use on: Glass, Window, Mirror, Ceramics, Plastic, Metal, Paper, Chalk labels, Chalk mugs, Glossy board, Whiteboard, LED board, NON-porous chalkboard, Other hard NON-porous surfaces.

USABLE PRACTICAL PACKING - Chalk paint markers are supplied in a convenient transparent cylindrical packing. Your markers will not be scattered throughout the table. Our cylindrical packing allows using, carrying and keeping the markers anywhere easily and conveniently. After the markers have been used, this practical packing (blister) will still serve you in your household for a long time as a plastic container for keeping pens, pencils and other tools for your creative work.

RELIABLE PROTECTION OF THE TIP - Usually, most of markers’ tips are destroyed due to poor caps which have grooves inside. Now you don’t need to worry that you put the cap on the marker unevenly. It is difficult to control when you are creating something. The caps of our markers are smooth inside (without grooves) and the tip will not be damaged even if it is inserted askew. So, enjoy the process of creation and don’t worry at all!

2 FREE REPLACEABLE REVERSIBLE TIPS - Even if you accidentally spoil the tip, there are two spare tips in the kit. You can easily replace the spoilt tip with a new one. Since the tips are reversible, you can choose which side to use for drawing – chisel tip for broad coloring and shading or the round bullet tip for narrow lettering and precision drawing. Create with no limit!

ENTIRELY COLORED CAPS - The black clips of the markers’ caps will not flicker before your eyes. There is no black circle on top of the cap which prevents you from choosing the right color. The caps of our markers are entirely colored – the clip is the same color as the cap. Due to this, you will quickly and easily choose the marker of desired color. You will not strain and tire your eyes while looking for the color you need. Nothing should interfere with your creativity!

SAFE AND EASY TO CLEAN UP - Chalk ink markers are non-toxic, eco-friendly and water based. Chalk neon markers meet European and American safety standards. The paint can be easily and quickly erased with a dry cloth or wet wipe. If the paint does not dissolve in water, you may use soap or mild cleaning fluid. Do not use markers on materials that absorb liquid and non-porous surfaces. Please, be sure to test on a small area first before using on any painted surface, including painted chalkboards!


If you lack imagination, our funny pictures on Thanksgiving Day, Christmas, New Year's Eve will help you prepare for this holidays. The BONUS will be sent to you with the first e-mail after the purchase of our chalk markers.

3 miles long colored line

There is an interesting fact. If you take all our markers and draw a line using all them in turns, it will be about 3 miles long. It is related to the fact that each chalk ink marker contains 8 grams of high-quality bright ink which equals around 0.3 miles for each color!

What is rattling inside the chalk ink marker?

To make chalk ink markers draw with bright concentrated color, you need to sometimes shake them well with a cap on and in the up-right position. While doing it, you will hear something rattling inside the marker. Don’t be afraid! Nothing is broken and markers are absolutely in working order. There are just two glass balls inside each marker that mix Japanese ink while shaking and make the ink flow smooth, no precipitation.

What are the main features of the markers?

  • 10 chalk markers of main vibrant colors: blue, white, red, orange, black, brown, yellow, pink, purple, green.
  • 8 grams of high-quality concentrated neon ink in each marker, imported from Japan.
  • 6 mm replaceable reversible tips: round tip (bullet) for narrow lettering and flat tip (chisel) for broad coloring.
  • 2 free additional tips to extend the life of the markers, if you accidentally spoil the tip.
  • All tips used in the markers are imported Japanese premium quality fibre nib.
  • All caps on the markers are smooth inside and without grooves which destroy the tips when you cover the marker askew.

Who uses chalk markers and what for?

  • Parents – to write funny multicolored notes on any occasion to each other and to their children on the window, mirror, tile, message board and fridge.
  • Children – on paper, glass, chalkboard contact paper or on any hard NON-porous surfaces to develop their creativity.
  • Housewives – to sign the jars, ceramic tableware, plastic food containers, plastic bottles, plastic bags, metal pots and sticky chalk labels before sticking them on kitchenware and utensils.
  • Teachers – for convenient and bright writing on chalkboards, whiteboards, and blackboards.
  • Artists – to make their pictures bright and create models of paintings on paper, glass and LED boards.
  • Owners of bars, cafes and restaurants – to write the menu on the bistro boards and menu boards.
  • Shopkeepers – to write promotions and discounts on windows and shop displays to attract the passers-by.
  • Office workers – in order to carry out bright colorful presentations on glossy board and magnetic board.
  • Cheerful creative people – to color the world around them and make their lives more interesting and happy.

So, if you're one of them, you definitely need our chalk markers.

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